Should You Use Security Bars?

In order to safeguard one’s family and or business, there are a lot of ways to accomplish window-508567_960_720this task. One of the more common ways to ensure the safety that you seek is with security bars on windows and doors. But unfortunately, these bars run more of a risk to the ones inside the home than outside, despite the integral advantages of protecting the home or business.

One very large benefit to having security bars on your windows and doors is that it makes the intruder less likely to choose your home or business to break into. It is, if for nothing else, a strong deterrent. Home invasions are almost the only protection that security bars provide, nonetheless, it is not worth the dangers involved by having these bars on the windows for the minuet amount of defense that is gives.

Simply put, the little protection that these bars may give you is tremendously outweighed by the downsides of having these bars on windows when it involves the security and safety of those in the family or the employees in a building.

More often than not, new security bars are not purchased. Instead, people choose to rely on the very same bars that have been used to cover their doors and windows of the home or commercial building for many years. This makes an emergency situation more dangerous as every second counts and these security bars can actually trap the people inside of a building that is burning or flooded, making them hostages to the dangers happening inside the home or the commercial building instead of shielding them from the potential threats that are outside.

No longer are security bars consider a cheaper alternative to an alarm system. In fact, they are usually considered a higher threat than an advantage to a commercial building or home. Much of the larger alarm system companies will offer free equipment and / or installation to make it easier for someone to go with an alarm system. Only the month to month fees are charged for monitoring the home or building. These fees are much more reasonable and cost efficient as well as safer than placing security bars on your home or office. These security companies not only offer surveillance against intruders, but also offer fire and smoke detection as well.

Many years ago, security bars could have been a great option, but they have been changed by something that is far greater at discouraging the intruders along with something that provides a much higher level of defense for the property at any home or business – that is, the people inside. Some people may think that the monthly monitoring fees are expensive but will soon discover that it is worth every dime should they ever be in use of the services.

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