Protecting Your Windows from a Hurricane

hurricane-benilde-58071_960_720Protecting your home windows from a hurricane can help protect you and your family in the event a hurricane comes through your area. Projectiles can be thrown through your windows by high winds. Also, the high pressure of the storm can cause your glass to break or blow out to the other side or take off your roof. You need to protect yourself and your family from these potential threats.
Choose a Hurricane Window
When you are looking at adding a hurricane window, here are some things to consider:

Is the product easy to install? Do you need to hire a professional or can you do it yourself?

Will it be difficult to prepare your home for a hurricane? Do you need to hang shutters or are they fixed on your home?

Think about all the areas you want to protect. Remember the doors and windows. Also, your garage door may need extra support.

Shutters for Protection from Hurricane

The Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters can come in either 1 or 2 pieces. These shutters are permanently attached to the window on the side, so you will not need to add or remove them on and off the house. Like an accordion, they will unfold to cover the window. One person can easily close and lock them.

Bahama Style Shutters

Bahama Shutters hook on above the windows. They are able to prop open when not in use, adding an additional benefit by creating a sun shade. When they are needed, the shutters are lowered and secured to the wall. One person can easily do this.

Colonial Style Shutters

Colonial style shutters have a louvered design and come in 2 pieces. The shutters attach to the sides of the windows and can close easily when they are needed. Not only are these great for protection, but are also good for decoration.

Roll Down Style Shutters

These shutters are above the windows, attached to the wall. Roll Down shutters are stored in a box that is closed. When they are needed, you simply push a button to make them lower them and then lock them. These shutters offer great protection but are more expensive.

Special Glass used for Hurricane Windows

A fairly new product is impact resistant glass. In hurricane prone areas, this glass is becoming very popular within new homes. They are available for both sliding glass doors and windows. You never have to do anything to prepare for a hurricane since the glass is always there. You can still use your trusted and proven Milwaukee Window Tint on these windows since it will not affect the glass.

Adding this glass is not a job you can do yourself. For the job to be done right, you will have to hire a professional installer. You will not be protected if it isn’t installed correctly.
As you can see, there are many options available to protect your home this upcoming hurricane season. There are options for any type of home or budget.

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